Are You Looking for a Payspan Registration Number?

July 20, 2018

I recently called to set up a new client so that the explanation of benefits (EOB’s) will be sent to our clearing house. Oddly, I was told that “no registration numbers are currently available to be given out at this time”. No further explanation as to why, or when, this will change.

So how are we to post payments, work denials or have any semblance of order on receivables? I am not sure.

If there was a problem in Payspan’s system, I am confident it just did not pop up. Payspan must have known something was wrong long before shutting off the registration process. Once again, providers at the mercy of intermediaries when trying to get paid for their services.

All this is happening, as J.P. Morgan announces they will retire from Healthcare Link and will no longer provide EOB’s starting in the 3rd quarter for the Commonwealth Care Alliance. Although we are still obtaining EOB’s from them, there have been no announcements from any carriers as to who will take over or when.

One might get the distinct impression that these are additional steps in slowing down the payment to providers and grossly disrupting cash flow. At NEARM, we will keep an eye as thing progress and will notify you of any new findings.

Need help with the setting up your EOBs and continuing your practice’s cash flow? Contact us today!

August 15, 2018 – Update

I just received word that Commonwealth Care Alliance will be using Payspan for their remittance advices. Let NEARM help you with the transition. Contact us today at (781) 231-7026.