Credentialing Blues

August 20, 2015 By DIANE DESANTIS After 35 years in the business of medical practice administration, I still do not understand why clinicians have so much difficulty understanding insurance carrier credentialing. Everyone in the world knows that the money from a medical service insurance claim comes from an insurance company. How does the insurance company… Continue Reading →

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New Client Offer

July 15, 2015 BY LOLLIE WEEKS Get over 30 years expertise in medical coding & billing, staff training and practice management consulting and save. Sign a one-year contract with NEARM, New England’s leading billing agency and get a discounted 6% service fee on our first year service fee. This special offer is good through February… Continue Reading →

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Revalidation for Medicare and Medicaid

June 2, 2015 BY DIANE DESANTIS Have you received a letter from Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) requesting immediate response for revalidation? Both Medicare and Medicaid programs are now requiring that physicians be revalidated every 2-3 years. Who in your office has the time and expertise to complete these forms? Who has the… Continue Reading →

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