Don’t Throw Money Down the Drain

May 26, 2015

Would you like a free copy of our “12 Ways Doctors Throw Money Down the Drain”? Or would you prefer a free accounts receivable analysis?

There is no use me trying to tell you all about NEARM’s services – I was not meant to be a copywriter, I simply can’t do it. But I do know how to correctly bill physician services and get you more revenue than you have previously been receiving. Increased revenue and unparalleled customer service make NEARM the best billing company in New England.

I’ll gladly send you a free copy of our ever-popular list of “drain cloggers”, or we can do a free accounts receivable analysis and show you exactly where you are losing money, then I’ll let you decide for yourself if NEARM is just the billing company you have been looking for.

To request your copy of “12 Ways Doctors Throw Money Down the Drain” or schedule a free AR analysis, call us at (800) 464-7885 x. 1514, email us at, or write your name, practice and contact information on a print out of this post and fax it to us at (781) 231-7673.

Diane DeSantis, CHBME
NEARM President